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Technology Driven Fishermen​

We live in an exciting time where technology is rapidly expanding and changing the way we do things and fishing is no exception. 'UAV''s' Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are enabling onshore fishermen access to deeper more productive fishing grounds - once only the realm of those who owned boats.

UDF Distribution specializes in exciting new technology and products, taking fishing into the 21st Century and beyond.

SkyClip Drone Fishing to the Limit
Cuta-Copter Trident 5k

Cuta Copter the Drone Fishing pioneer has over 6 years of experience producing the most advanced fishing drones in the World.

OANNES Landing Pad Bag

Largest foldable landing pads on the market with 130cm Diameter.

OANNES Skyline 12

Ultra-sensitive and has an extremely low friction coefficient rating making it outstanding for casting or drone fishing.

OANNES Rods - G-Reaper

Drone Master Series rods have been specifically designed and built to OANNES high quality standards, employing state of the art carbon fibre blank technology.

OANNES Landing Mat with a IDFTECH Poseidon Pro

OANNES Drone landing mats were designed to be highly visible for safety and large enough to be practical for use on sand, grass and other surfaces.

OANNES Dropzone Mesh 47mm

OANNES Drop Zone burley mesh is made from non-toxic and biodegradable PVA which dissolves in water.

Cuta-Copter Australia

Cuta-Copter is the waterproof fishing drone pioneer and invests huge resources and time trying to perfect perfection. Drone fishing has never been so safe and reliable and fun.