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Company Background

Cuta-Copter located in South Africa has been manufacturing fishing drones since 2014. Owner Gary McDonough developed the REVO MKI in 2015 which was the very first Cuta-Copter model and was distributed and sold through angling stores. Shortly after the rock and surf market exploded in SA for drone use, and other bait release products also entered the market that could be used with off the shelf drones like DJI. At this time consumers started to place more emphasis on waterproof fishing drones. In response to this demand the new look Cuta-Copter REVO 4 and Matrix were developed which featured advanced di-electric resin sealed electronics – these new models were sold very successfully in 2019.

The most advanced fishing drone


Cuta Copter is the waterproof fishing drone pioneer and invests huge resources and time trying to perfect perfection. Drone fishing has never been so safe and reliable and fun.

The all new EX-1 is the result of over 5 years of intensive research and development, producing the most advanced fishing drone on the planet.

EX-1 is loaded with safety and user friendly features and is incredibly rugged and durable.

Cuta-Copter in Action


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